It was also extracted by Ibn Maja , and al-Hakim in his mustadrak who stated that it is [authentic] according to the criterion of the two shaykhs (Muslim and Bukhari) and his narration had the addition: so he supplicated with this Dua and he arose and was able to see. Tirmidhi said the Hadith is Hasan Sahih (good and authentic) and we know this narration through this channel only from the Hadith of Abu Jafar and that is not al-Khatmi, these and other Imams have authenticated this narration, Nisa’I is alone in mentioneing the prayer, but Tabarani agreed with him and in mentions the same in some of his reports (turuq) it reports. In the narration there is [evidence] of the permissibility of Tawassul (taking a means) through the Messenger of Allah (saw) to Allah azza wa-jal with the firm belief that the only active agent (Faa’il) is Allah, for verily He alone is the giver and the preventer, what He wishes, is, and what He does not wish never can be. [Tuhfah al-Dhakireen Page No. 138]