Imam Ibn Hajr al-Makki al-Haythmi al-Shafi'i wrote in refutation of Khateeb Baghdadi: (Chapter XXXIX:) Embed it in your mind that Maqsad of Khateeb was only to compile the sayings just like Historians gather all sayings about Imam (Abu Hanifa) according to their habit. Khateeb’s Maqsad is not to revile Imam Abu Hanifa nor to lower his status. The proof of this is that Khateeb has mentioned those people “WHO PRAISED IMAM ABU HANIFA” before showing negative viewpoints and he has “Written more before (i.e. Tadil is superseding Jirah)” and most of the Ahlul-Manaqib have relied upon Khateeb on “Merits of Imam (which he has mentioned before)” However after this Khateeb has mentioned sayings of Mukhalifeen so that it is clear that Imam (Abu Hanifa) was amongst those (great) people who have not been spared by the tongues of Hasideen and Ignorant folk! Another proof is that the chains which Khatib has used in which there is insult of Imam, then most of them are “DISPUTED UPON AND MAJHOOL” We should remember that such Isnaad cannot be permissible to use against Izzat of a Muslim, Plus there is foul language used for which there is no “IJMA” Hence how could it be Jaiz to use foul language against one of the (great) Imams.